Time for beauty.
High-quality large clocks. 

Time never stands still and is becoming increasingly precious. Ever since its foundation in the year 1922, the company created by Franz Hermle in Gosheim has developed constantly. With its three cornerstones - Uhrenmanufaktur, Mechanische Uhrwerke, and Drehteile - Hermle serves the most diverse target groups worldwide. Fully in keeping with its mission to ensure that with each product, it develops, manufactures and delivers the very highest clockmaking quality.

In this part of the Hermle website you'll discover all that's worth knowing about high-quality large clocks. Made by hand to a large extent and enhanced with interesting technical as well as visual details, they are extremely popular. Whether floor clock, wall clock, table clock, ship's clock or regulator: all over the world, these masterpieces from Hermle represent time in its finest form.

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